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IAMX Everyone – IAMX

Own your identity

The dawn of decentralization is here.

The need for digital, secure, and decentralized identity has never been greater, highlighting the necessity for not only robust but also efficient compliance solutions to navigate this evolving landscape effectively.

PRODUCTS - Explore our products and find the right onboarding solution for your business.

Approach every verification challenge with a strategic mindset, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and leveraging your expertise. Embrace these tasks as opportunities to demonstrate precision and reliability, reinforcing your commitment to excellence in all business processes.

User Verification - KYC (Know Your Customer)

KYC/AML Service Modul

Expand your global client base with swift user verification. Achieve worldwide scaling, authenticate any document, and attain high pass rates with our comprehensive verification platform.

Business Verification - KYB (Know Your Business)

KYB Service Modul – Comprehensive Business Verification

Simplify your KYB verification workflow with IAMX! Efficiently handle AML watchlist screenings, registry checks, beneficiary verification, and company structure assessments all in one place.IA

Transaction Monitoring - KYT (Know Your Transaction)

AML Transaction Monitoring Modul

Ensuring No Suspicious Activity Goes Unnoticed. With transaction fraud escalating, projected to surpass $48 billion in losses by 2023, it’s crucial to combat financial fraud effectively. Equip your compliance and risk teams with an advanced transaction monitoring tool to maintain vigilance and adhere to compliance standards.

Enduser perspective: Only you have access and control of your data.

Empowering Customers with IAMX: A New Era of Digital Identity and Convenience

1. Harnessing the Power of Your Identity with IAMX

Reap the Benefits of Your Identity: Discover how IAMX’s innovative Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) layer empowers you to take control of your personal identity and its inherent value. Learn about the opportunities to generate revenue and savings through exclusive offers and incentives within the IAMX ecosystem.

2. Simplify Your Online Experience with 1-Click Authentication

Seamless Digital Navigation: Say goodbye to the hassle of filling out forms on every new website. Explore the convenience of IAMX’s 1-click authentication system, where your data is automatically and securely verified using Zero Knowledge Proof technology, streamlining your online interactions.

3. Providing Identity Solutions for the Unidentified

Digital Identity for Everyone: Understand IAMX’s commitment to social impact through the installation and testing of physical biometric identity terminals in regions most in need. Learn how these terminals offer a lifeline to individuals without an identity, allowing them to register and create a digital identity that is verified by a third-party, state-trusted verifier. This initiative marks a significant step towards inclusive digital empowerment and accessibility.


Verify your pre-authenticated data.

This includes government issued IDs, credit reports, and other personally identifying information (PII).


Store and manage your identity in your wallet.

IAMX enables you to include your pre-authenticated data and other data such as payment information in your favorite crypto wallet.


Your wallet address on the blockchain.

With your wallet address on the blockchain, IAMX can reference (but not see) your identity for any transaction requiring your information.


Authenticate with a 1Click process.

Through the use of the IAMX Chrome extension or mobile app, you can register or authenticate on any website or app with a single click.

Get started.

It’s easy to establish your digital identity with IAMX: Use one of our Biometric Identity Gateways; Self-enroll with your pre-authenticated identity from one of our trusted telco partners; on-demand KYC; or use a wireless-enabled ID, such as a passport.

Your identity saved in your digital wallet.

Keep your authenticated and encrypted identity safely stored in your wallet, and take advantage of 1Click fulfillment within the IAMX ecosystem.

Make more out of your identity.

With IAMX, you can do more than just use your digital identity – you can also enjoy rewards and incentives from partners of IAMX, like mycashbacks.com.

SOLUTIONS - New possibilities for many industries

Effortlessly tackle any verification challenge with our user-friendly Onboarding Assistant Customization feature. Easily configure various checks through a simple dashboard, the toolbox of our partner KYC Spider AG.

Flow Customization:
Configure a range of checks with ease using our clear dashboard interface. Learn to establish verification levels effortlessly in just a few steps with the IAMX Onboarding Assistant template.

Discover the Potential:
Dive into the capabilities of the IAMX Onboarding Assistant and uncover how it can optimize pass rates. Experience the ease of tailoring the IAMX Onboarding Assistant to your specific needs.

Fintech, Telecommunication, Transportation, Security, Service-Management, IAM companies, Crypto, Carsharing, Marketplaces, Online Gaming, Trading, Traveling, Gambling & Adult Entertainment

On top of this, IAMX rewards all parties interacting within the IAMX ecosystem through a revenue sharing model. This model is based on the Affiliate Marketing process (soon to be implemented).

FINTECH Identity Verification

Experience Hassle-Free, Global Client Verification

Elevate your fintech operations with a single, comprehensive platform. Streamline client onboarding, conduct thorough AML screenings, oversee transaction activities, authenticate businesses, and handle case management seamlessly. This all-in-one solution, accessible from a single tab, simplifies your workflow while ensuring robust security and compliance.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Global Reach, Local Compliance: Tailored to meet various international compliance standards, our platform adapts to different regulatory environments (204+ countries), enabling you to serve clients worldwide without the compliance headache.

  2. Advanced Security Protocols: Incorporating cutting-edge security measures, we safeguard sensitive identity data, ensuring client information remains protected against evolving digital threats.

  3. Efficient Onboarding with AI: Leverage AI-driven tools for faster and more accurate client verification, reducing manual effort and enhancing customer experience.

  4. Continuous Monitoring for AML Compliance: Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with continuous, automated monitoring for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), reducing the risk of financial fraud.

  5. Business Verification and Due Diligence: Extend beyond individual identity checks to include comprehensive business verification, ensuring legitimacy and compliance at every level of operation.

  6. Integrated Case Management: Manage all your client interactions and compliance documentation in one place, improving efficiency and response times.

  7. Scalable Solution for Growth: Designed to scale with your business, our platform can handle increasing volumes and complexities as your client base grows.

With this platform, you’re not just adopting a fintech identity verification solution; you’re embracing a future where client verification is effortless, secure, and compliant, no matter where your business takes you.

TELECOMMUNICATION Identity Verification

Accelerate Global Customer Onboarding in Telecommunications

Enhance your telecommunication services with a versatile, all-in-one verification platform. Effortlessly navigate regulatory landscapes, maintain secure relationships with payment partners, and deter fraudulent activities. Welcome a broader client base with efficiency and confidence.

Key Improvements:

  1. Rapid Customer Acquisition: Streamline the onboarding process to efficiently welcome more customers globally, reducing wait times and optimizing user experience.

  2. Comprehensive Compliance Assurance: Adhere to international regulatory standards (Bafin, FINMA, MiFID II, FCA, CySEC, etc.), ensuring compliance across various global markets.

    Stay ahead in the heavily regulated telecom sector, encompassing mobile, internet, fixed-line, and data services, with adherence to licensing norms, anti-monopoly laws, and consumer protection regulations.

  3. Fraud Prevention Mechanisms: Implement robust fraud detection tools to safeguard your operations and maintain the integrity of customer transactions.

  4. Seamless Integration with Payment Partners: Build and sustain secure, trust-based relationships with payment partners through reliable and transparent verification processes.

  5. Market Expansion Capabilities: Expand your reach from Indonesia to Nigeria and beyond, with a platform designed for global scalability and adaptability.

  6. Real-Time Verification Technologies: Utilize cutting-edge technology for real-time identity verification, enhancing both security and customer convenience.

  7. Customizable Solutions for Diverse Markets: Tailor the platform to meet the unique needs and regulations of different countries, providing a personalized approach to each market.

By adopting this platform, your telecommunication company will not only streamline customer onboarding but also achieve global compliance, deter fraud, and facilitate seamless market expansion. Step into a future where telecommunication identity verification is swift, secure, and globally compliant, paving the way for sustained growth and customer satisfaction.

TRADER Identity Verification

Streamline Global Trader Onboarding with Efficient KYC

Elevate your brokerage operations with an all-in-one KYC verification platform, designed for rapid client onboarding, regulatory compliance, and robust fraud prevention.

Key Improvements:

  1. Swift Verification: Average verification time of just 30 seconds (ID and liveness checks), facilitating faster client onboarding.

  2. Cost Reduction in Compliance: Automate KYC/AML processes to reduce costs by 40%, enhancing operational efficiency.

  3. Expert Legal Support: Leverage the expertise of renowned legal partners like mme.ch and kyc.ch, ensuring legally compliant and efficient onboarding.

  4. Compliance and Efficiency: Regulatory Adherence and User Acquisition: Thorough ID and address verification, ongoing AML screenings, and reduced costs and human error with automated verification flows.
  5. Global Expansion and Fraud Protection:
    Global Reach with High Success Rates: Expert guidance for fast and accurate verification in regions like LATAM, South Asia, and Africa.
  6. Advanced Fraud Deterrence: Utilize AI-powered anti-fraud technology to safeguard your business and customers comprehensively.
  7. Streamlined Processes:
    Seamless Customer Journey: Customize verification checks strategically across the customer journey for optimal conversion rates and security.
    AML Policy Automation: Tailor multiple verification workflows to user risk profiles, enhancing compliance without the need for coding.

Adopt this KYC solution to not only streamline trader onboarding but also to assure compliance, mitigate fraud, and optimize costs. Propel your brokerage firm into a new era of efficiency and security in global markets.

CRYPTO Identity Verification

Elevate Onboarding in the Crypto Industry with Advanced Verification

Transform your crypto platform with a dedicated verification platform, achieving top conversion rates worldwide through frictionless onboarding, while eliminating multi-accounting, fraud, and compliance issues.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Transaction Monitoring: Implement ‘Know Your Transaction’ checks as an essential part of crypto onboarding, ensuring enhanced oversight and security.

  2. Wallet Verification: Securely link crypto wallets to respective individuals, reinforcing the trustworthiness and integrity of transactions.

  3. Regulatory Compliance Mastery: Stay ahead of evolving regulations and expand into new markets with guidance from in-house legal experts, ensuring full compliance.

  4. Advanced Fraud Prevention: Maintain a secure trading environment by rapidly addressing fraud signals in real-time, bolstering trust in your platform.

  5. Optimized Conversion Rates: Achieve exceptional global conversion rates with user-centric, customizable verification processes for seamless user experiences.

  6. Accelerated Global Expansion: Confidently enter new markets, capable of verifying 14,000+ document types worldwide, and offer document-free onboarding in select regions, supplemented by expert compliance support.

  7. Rapid User Onboarding: Onboard users worldwide in under 30 seconds with an intuitive, people-friendly verification flow, including gradual and document-free options.

8. Streamlined Verification and Compliance:

  • Smart Verification Flows: Tailor verification processes based on user segments and risk levels, accelerating onboarding for trusted users while implementing thorough checks for high-risk groups, all code-free.

  • Travel Rule Adaptation: Utilize the Travel Rule to your advantage, identifying VASP-to-VASP payments, employing a unified communication protocol, and automating data transfers, reporting, and transaction screenings.

By adopting this all-encompassing solution, your crypto platform will streamline user onboarding, adhere to stringent global compliance standards, mitigate fraud risks effectively, and optimize operational efficiency. Step into the future of crypto identity verification, where speed, security, and global compliance converge to foster growth and trust in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Cut onboarding costs

The cost of onboarding a new customer through the KYC process can be between $10-$15 USD. IAMX eliminates these costs, offering consumers the ability to register and authenticate immediately.

Prevent conversion breaks

IAMX significantly reduces the amount of drop-off (customers who start – but don’t complete – the KYC and/or purchasing process) thanks to its simple 1Click solution for transferring data.

Eliminate fraud

Fraud causes large losses for businesses relying upon subscription-based payments. IAMX is the solution to the fraud problem by making use of verifiable credential container sets.

Avoid costly data storage

GDPR and other similar measures are making storage of personal data a costly hassle. With IAMX, businesses no longer need to store personal identifiable information, as it is stored in the consumer’s wallet, so the owner is able to delegate his verifiable credentials. 

We are adding a new layer to your sales model.

IAMX is adding a new layer to the affiliate marketing model through SSI by including a verifier to the already established trio of publisher, merchant and customer.

The merchant's perspective.

Saves KYC onboarding costs.

Increases conversion rate by a factor of 2.5.

Eliminates fraud and the hassle of storing personal data.

Strongly increases ROI of marketing investments and customer acquisition.

The SSI & publisher's perspective.

Creates revenue streams.

Increases IAMX token use and burn rate providing passive income for its private sale investors.

The verifier's perspective.

Creates commission based revenue streams every time SSI backed by the verifier’s pre authenticated data is used in the sales processes.

Increase in profit and a competitive edge against competitors for offering customers a SSI solution.

The customer's perspective.

Maintains control over identity.

Saves time and money with 1Click registrations and purchases.

Trusts in the security of their identity.

No more conversion breaks. More turnover.

Web3 is about to explode, expanding SSI throughout the new world of metaverses, wallets, and full integration with the Internet.

Out of 100 visits via paid online marketing:


5% conversion rate

05 Orders

100% KYC completion rate

1sec Time invested by customer

Without IAMX

2% conversion rate

02 Orders

60% KYC completion rate

13min Time invested by customer

RESSOURCES - Why IAMX is the go-to compliance & onboarding partner

Converting visitors to paying customers is a top goal of online service providers. With IAMX, conversion rates improve dramatically due to the 1Click authentication and our trusted security. This benefits not only the customer and the business, but also you as an investor as the adoption of IAMX grows exponentially.

IAMX Token value.

IAMX’s token value is influenced by its significant utility. With each identity verification, a token is required by the online service or business. This keeps the token in high demand and therefore high value.

The guaranteed growth of the Gen1-Token.

Due to our novel approach of employing the Fibonacci Sequence in balancing supply and demand, all purchasers of the Gen 1 IAMX token are guarunteed to receive 12x the amount of tokens overtime.

Passive income from our affiliate network.

A key component of our revenue model is our affiliate network. This network enables IAMX and online businesses to earn revenue, and individual customers to save money. As an investor, you can also enjoy passive income through our Affiliate Network.

We ensure balance of supply and demand.

IAMX leverages the „Darwinian quantity equation“ in combination with the Fibonacci sequence to ensure the value and quantity of tokens achieve the right ratio for a healthy economy as a whole.
1 IAMX Gen1 Token = in total 12 IAMX Tokens, all for you to sell or use.

Imagine the IAMX Token as a seed.

You hold those seeds until the time is right for sowing (read selling) them in the IAMX Marketplace that is scheduled for Q2/Q3-2024 where they can be sown in fertile ground consisting of companies using the IAMX verification in their KYC processes. Your first harvest takes place when your token is used in a verification process generating first 1 more token, then as that is sold and used it generates 2 more, then 3 and then 5. This allows you to harvest 11 times more from that initial seed. So it is truly the token that keeps on giving!

Create NFTs and self-verify your content.

It’s your creative work, why shouldn’t you be the one to verify it?

Only the artist can verify their work.

Why put your faith and trust in a third-party verification service when you know what you’ve created? Stay in control of even the identity of your project with IAMX.

Our standards protect you.

IAMX adheres to the highest standards in identity management. This means your project is most secure with our SSI standards and processes.

Your royalties connected to your ID.

With IAMX, your royalties flow directly to your verfied identity. No need for a middle man to get in the way.

Avoid scams and scammers.

Because IAMX meets the strictest identity standards, other creators can’t steal your work, nor can investors falsify purchases.

Verify your NFTs.

Verify to keep your own and your collectors’ interests at heart.

Protect your NFTs.

Protect yourself and your collectors from being taken advantage of by fake NFTs and scammers.