Own your identity

Welcome to IAMX.

We invite you to help us lead and define the Web3 revolution as a member of the IAMX community. Together we will enable anyone to own their identity; together we will change the world.

IAMX will not only ride the wave of this new movement, but will help shape and define it. We aim to be the first and most secure provider of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) on the blockchain, while incentivizing consumer engagement through revenue sharing.

A diverse team for a world class solution.

We’ve assembled a global and capable team, united in vision, purpose, and passion.

Tim Heidfeld

CEO, Co-Founder

Dennis Mittmann


Markus Sabadello


Andrè Eilertsen

Head of Partnerships (Community)

Thomas Tallis

Head of Strategy

Tim Brückmann

CMO, Co-Founder

Dr. Carl Frieder Schuppert


Andrew Forson

Head of Africa

Lise Wessel

Head of Marketing & Communications

Nicholas Collinson

Head of Innovation and Partnerships

Our Advisors

Our advisors are active, engaged, and experienced blockchain and industry experts.

Tim Ringel
Investor Relations

Vince Vaughn
Marketing & Communications

Jochen Heinz
Development & Data Integration

ADA Whale
Cardano Community

Marc Majewski
Affiliate & Cashback

Heval Yucedag
Marketing & Communications

Felix Leitloff
Investor Relations

Nikolas Kroeske
Real Estate

Lars Schulze

Studio Schnauze
Brand & Design

Michael Hoffmann

Alex Moreno

Jochen Leinberger

Sebastian Bongartz

Günther Schrammel

Our Partners

We’ve carefully selected and vetted the most strategic partnerships to bring decentralized identity to life.