Business Model

1. IAMX credentials enable for holder and verifier:

  • decentralized, asynchronous workflows and smart contracts in 700 BUSINESS CASES:
  • telco, games, editorial content, bank, real estate, finance, subscriptions, streaming, rental car, food order, hotel booking, e-commerce, mobility, loan, food delivery, delivery, food boxes, loyalty, price comparison sites, intellectual property, assets
  • All in real-time with 1CLICK-Fulfilment whilst both saving time and money.
  • Interface: IVC handed over to holder in wallet (storage on any DID, ledger, peer2peer)

2. Holder and Verifier

  • Safe time and money executed in the highest convenience
  • Most solid contract right, fraudless, copy protected, digital rights management
  • Authentication agent Gateway 2 operates on state-level | enables holder to create its credentials immediately | enables identification and authentication | handover to storage
  • Holder interface handover to Verifier via gateway

3. Holder

  • Gets it for free
  • 100% ready product with business cases
  • Save time and money
  • Highest convenience

4. Where can this be used?

  • IAMX identity connects people (you), organizations (via smart contracts) and things (real estate, cars, autonomous driving) via IVC and gateway.
  • Internet: 1CLICK-Fulfillment
  • Metaverse: identify, interact legally binding, gateway to any API

5. How to get credentials on the chain?

5.1. Role:
enable workflows, connect real-world and chain world.

5.2. Gateway 1: Software
Conversion of attributes to IVC in IAMX Allegra Model from Level1-partners (patent filing).

5.3. Gateway 2: Hardware
Enable holder to convert his plastic and paper real world documents independent of the issuer in the highest convenience do IVC, that are trusted by the verifier (state level). a) plastic and paper to VC, b) adding ID, adding biometrics face, iris, fingerprints (chained) c) providing the most solid form of biometric ID as a credential set to deliver identity [emerging markets]

6. New Customer onboarding via Telco

a) Partner: Telco

b) Type: Seller, Interactor

c) Role: profit-oriented

d) Function: Holder Onboarding

e) Benefits Telco

1. Additional Revenue Stream for the telco

2. Saving 14% in process and fraud costs.

3. First Mover approach to offer in their branch the first internet based 1CLICK-Fulfillment Customer acquisition.