1. Our Vision

Enable “Human Right to have an identity”, UNITED NATIONS article 8, UNCRC.

2. Our Mission

Protection of human rights and holder-centric ownership is the leading principle in our architecture, software, and actions.

  • We promote prosperity by enabling identity.
  • We save time and money for our stakeholders.
  • We generate revenues from monetizing transactions.
  • We are the highest in interoperability.
  • 100 % free for the user: The design results in near to 0 of any currency transaction costs, the highest speed and performance.
  • We follow a marketplace- approach (holder + verifier) to solve chicken and egg by balance. We follow the management principle of crossing the chasm in order to support mass market adoption of high technology decentral ledger-based transactions.
  • We connect holder and verifier.
  • We do good.

3. About

We are a real-world, live business case.

IAMX connects 750 m. holder via 49 telco-partners with 700 verifier business cases from Fortune 1,000 via 1CLICK-Fulfillment with holder and verifier, saving time and money with the highest convenience. Real-world onboarding gateway via own developed automate, that converts plastic and paper (like ID) to verifiable credentials with DID document, ID, biometric check on authentication Level State, that is accepted for Fulfillment by the verifier. Technology for verifiable credentials is zero-knowledge-proof, GDPR-conform, verifier-accepted, biometric, and filed as [intellectual property].

4. Corporate Information

Shareholder: Founder 100 %.

Industry Sector: Software, decentral software, cryptographic processing, gateway management, infrastructure.