Identity is a Human Right.

Our Mission

Deliver the answer for “Human Right on Identity” (UNCRC art 8).

Why we do it?

Self Sovereign Identity and Authentication are the first necessary building blocks, to enable self- determined, holder owned, decentral evolution and prosperity. This means, without them, you cannot interact.

For the largest economies in the world, authentication means, that holders interact in their daily routines using identity and authentication for Online-Shopping, contracting continuing obligations (utility, rent, insurance, telco, bank, memberships), prescriptions, financial assets, intellectual property, vote, crossing borders and proving property. The functionality of all smart contracts is based on identity and authentication.

For the developing countries, this results in the first form of solid identity for 3,9 billion people based on biometric, iris and fingerprints.

We believe, that 2021 is the beginning of the era of mass market adoption. To contribute to this positive global change, we focus on enabling credentials.

We believe that we reach our contribution the best, as being part of the Cardano Eco System.

What do we do?

We enable

Enabling credentials means for us three things: We enable 1. 500 mio. active Holders in 48 countries through our partnerships, 2. Credential onboarding, meaning the conversion from plastic and paper to digital credentials with the lowest entry barrier, highest convenience level on authentication level state and 3. market-leading partners to interact with the holders in various use-cases every day. Due to compliance and regulatory market-leading partners in Asia, North America and Europe can only interact, if the credential has highest level, meaning issuer: state, authentication agent: hardware / software solution accepted on state level.

GDPR-conformity: The Allegra-Credential-Model


  1. From attributes to true-false credentials, or hash encrypted credentials.
  2. Embedded scheme,
  3. Unchangeable meta-info
  4. Certificate of issuer and certificate of authentication agent
  5. Unique identifier for the source, so credentials are holder connected.

Info: Credential onboarding by automate is only possible, when credentials, derived from attributes in combination with biometrics are fully matching with biometric Data. Explanation: This means that Vitalik can not take over those Credentials from Charles, if he would be in possession of his physical plastic ID.


  1. Selective disclosure exact age
    1. Attribute, e.g. birth date 02.08.1993
    2. Apply any scheme, e.g. “Over 18?. Possible answers: true-false.”
    3. Meta
    4. - certificate of issuer: e.g. state USA
    5. - source-document: ID
    6. - DID of source-document: did:iamx:xxxxyyyyzzz1
    7. - certificate authentication agent: e.g. state-level-accepted Global Entry / EasyPASS
    8. - scheme: Over 18?. Possible answers: true-false.
    9. DID did:iamx:xxxxyyyyzzz1

  2. Selective disclosure exact birthdate
    1. Attribute, e.g. birthdate 02.08.1993
    2. Apply any scheme, e.g. “Is birthdate hash correct?. Possible answers: true-false.”
      1. verifier/seller can check with public key
    3. Meta
      1. certificate of issuer: e.g. state USA
      2. source-document: ID
      3. DID of source-document: did:iamx:xxxxyyyyzzz2
      4. certificate authentication agent: e.g. state-level-accepted Global Entry / EasyPASS
      5. scheme: Over 18?. Possible answers: true-false.
    4. DID did:iamx:xxxxyyyyzzz2

III. Will this work? Let's do the check. Example:

  1. Telco-Carrier offers “Unlimited Data and Talk” for 80 USD per month.
  2. Telco-Carrier may contract under condition that applicant has legal age
  3. Legal Age concerning this mobile plan means 18 years old
  4. Holder Charles discloses credentials over 18 = true
  5. Telco-Carrier needs to evaluate if they can contract if legal age is
    1. proven by issuer: state,
    2. certified by authorization agent state approved level

Expert Team

Meet Our Team


Tim Brückmann CMO

MBA, Dipl.-Kfm., CMO at handy.de environment, co-founder of StakeForFuture.org, manager and co-founder of Rheinstoff Fashion and Rheinstoff E-Commerce (wunderwerk sustainable fashion brand), 25 years of sales and marketing expertise, winner Bundespreis ECOdesign, winner PETA award, divemaster


Jochen Leinberger CTO

UX Design & SW Development, Digital Product Development & Toolchain management at German Car manufacturer, Telekom new Products & Innovations Department Bonn (Smart Home, Entertain, Retail Solutions, Payment)


Tim Heidfeld CEO

Certified European Financial Analyst (CFA), manager and founder in e-Commerce /electronic marketplaces with industry leaders Scout24, Allianz24, moneysupermarket.com UK, preis24.de, handy.de


Garry Ledge CFO

30 years of financial / tax / legal / management / CFO operational expertise in various companies and strategic know-how from consulting.


Dennis Mittmann Chief Architect

20+ years of experience with high traffic web services in high availability environments and scalable real time data services, Blockchain since 2011


Lars Schulze Advisor

Co-Founder UFOstart, Digital Marketing & Blockchain Advisor, Professional Digital Marketing since 1996, Blockchain since 2013


Marc Majewski Advisor

22 years of performance marketing & content commerce. Founder of tech & marketing platform advanced store, B2C platform mycashbacks and more than 6 years into blockchain (investor, advisor, entrepreneur, user)

“Crypto is unstoppable. Crypto is the Future.”

Charles Hoskinson

“Persistence is very important. You should not give up unless you are forced to give up.”

Elon Musk

“SSI model for digital trust will reshape our collective future.”

Alex Preuschkat.

“The systemic processing of information is proven.”

Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace.