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About | Global Problem & IAMX SOLUTION

1. Holder / Customer

400 days of your life, you fill in forms online and do ident (post-ident, video-ident) or Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes via your smartphone or notebook

1CLICK-FULFILLMENT. Time: 1 second.
Re-usable form-filling: Fill in forms with 1CLICK.
Re-usable ident and Know-Your-Customer processes with 1CLICK.
Save time and money with the highest convenience.
You (customer) own and control your identity and your assets. 
Wallet Recovery with biometrics. No more passwords needed.
Privacy ensured, secure, GDPR and AML conform.
Exercised via the IAMX iOS and Android App, (IAMX Identity Wallet) and IAMX Browser Plug-in.

2. Agent / Telecommunication

The average net result per customer per year in the telecommunication industry amounts to 6 USD.

Monetize customer base and add 3 USD net result per customer per year as a minimum.

3. Verifier / E-Commerce-Shop

The average E-Commerce shop requires 33-100 visitors for 1 sale.
The average cost per visit amounts to an average of 1,50 USD.
Asyemtric online marketing costs and revenues.
Online marketing costs: per visit, CPM, fix, other, not connected to the sale.
Revenue: per Order.

With IAMX 1Click the average E-Commerce Shops requires 16 – 25 visitors for 1 sale.
This is connectable on any website, app, dApp, wallet, marketplace, software.

+++ UPDATE MARCH 2022 +++

Achievements in March 2022

1. IAMX W3C: did:iamx is a W3C DID-method since 01.03.2022

2. First NFT Creator Project TEDDYTROOPS with  IAMX NFT IDENTITY  [verify creator, prove authenticity, add trust] 
a) NFT-Website: https://teddytroops.io/.
b) On 05.03.2022 5.500 NFT sold out within 48h ranking NFT TOP1 on opencnft. 
c) Purchasers prefer NFT IDENTITY. Creator is verified. Fraud-Prevention. High-value second market.

3. NFT IDENTITY is currently being added to NFT MARKETPLACES and WALLETS, to make NFT IDENTITY visual with every NFT.

4. NFT IDENTITY is based on a sucessful log-in check with the following websites, including the amount of fans / follwer if applicable:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Discord
  • Github
  • Marketplace Account
  • YouTube
  • E-Mail
  • Website
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Bank Account / IBAN

5. NFT IDENTITY works on any ledger and is portable. 

a) What: Adding standardized, legally enforceable buyouts and rights to NFT (commercial, media, geographic, royalties).
b) Benefit: Adding value to the asset. Asset can be used in business cases, full ecoystem. Asset can create life-time revenues.

“IAMX-solution could be used in egovernment”, Andrew Forson, Head of Africa, IAMX, live from Ghana.
Conference Blockchain Ghana and WADA on 07.03.2022.

B. Technology

Any ledger / DID BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, XTZ, SOV, EBSI, 43 DIDs resolve

Portable, decentral, customer owned, customer controlled, GDPR, AML, interoperable, open, user-centric, accessible, secure, multilingual, privacy ensured, technology neutral, simple to manage.

W3C DID-method did:iamx
did:iamx is an official and registered W3C DID method; URL https://w3c.github.io/did-spec-registries/ 
DID Syntax: did:iamx:anyledger

Intellectual Property Filing
Authentication of persons, organizations, things, properties, attributes, and credentials via a technical procedure for providing zero-knowledge proof between entities. Conformity: GDPR per country. AML per country.

Putting the business model of IAMX into context. Which year did you go online?

Summary: The next 5 big things in web3, NFT Identity and more. Start play at Min 11:45. Blockchain Monday.


web1, the 1980´s

  • In 1986 BTX had 60k Customers. Today there are almost 5 bn people online.
  • Commodore launched the C64 in 1982 and sold a total of 22 million units. Today there are more registered phone numbers, then people (7,9 bn).
  • The arcade-game Pac-Man, released in 1980, sold 400.000 hardware units. Today you have The Sandbox and Axie Infinity enabling customer centric business models in gaming (Collectibles & NFT, Content, Metaverse)
  • web1 is Yahoo, Netscape, Internet-Explorer, Google, Tencent, Compuserve.
  • Key Function: READ

web2, the 2000´s

  • The Internet gains the function of user-generated-content (WRITE TO THE INTERNET)
  • Social: 2004 Facebook | Video: 2005 YouTube | Transport: 2009 Uber | Accommodation: 2008 airbnb
  • Phone: 2007 iPhone | Game: 1999 SecondLife, 2004 World of Warcraft both with gamer-owned assets and economy
  • Pictures: 2010 Instagram | Communication: 2006 Twitter, 2009 WhatsApp
  • The web is central, data is customer owned, company controlled
  • Key Function: READ & WRITE
  • Conversion break with every transaction, Filling in forms, Video-ident, Post-ident, KYC, Payment

web3., 2015

  • The layer identity and authentication is added to the internet
  • Identity and authentication is customer owned and controlled via an IDENTITY WALLET (App, Browser) in decentral storage
  • Key Function: READ & WRITE & FULFILLMENT
  • Enables legally binding actions in 1CLICK, 1BIOMETRICS
  • Identity and authentication connects people, organizations, and assets and enables asynchronous workflows



First NFT Creator Project live. Top-Seller.

NFT-Identity live. Success: 5.500 NFT SOLD in 48 hours.



Sources Customer Mass-Onboarding: Telecommunication, Terminals, Identity KYC, Login

App: iOS, Android

Marketplace: Affiliate-Revenues Lifetime


Quotes about IAMX

“IAMX really connects you, a company or even a thing like your real estate.
They make attributes instantly verifiable. 
Everything is based on holder owned self-sovereign identity principles.
To me they solved chicken and egg:
They onboard telco customers via the telco.
The telco customers find the best offers in the world with 1Click-Fulfillment.
Telco generates additional revenue stream by monetarizing the transactions of their customers, saving costs by complete prevention of fraud and payment and execution in a smart contract.”
Marc Majewski, Advisor IAMX

“Everybody talks about connecting the chain to the real world.
The hardware part of their technology is a hardware-terminal, that serves as an interface between real world and chain world. In real world we have all our proofs in plastic and paper. This automates scans it, adds your id/passport, adds your biometrics, packs them in several credential containers and sends them to the owner in any wallet. The credential-sets are accepted by any verifier. Holder is independent of the issuer and much faster in onboarding his credentials on the chain. How long do you want to wait to have your id, fishing diploma or driving license in your controlled ID wallet?”
Sebastian Bongartz, Advisor IAMX


Enable “Human Right to have an identity”, UNITED NATIONS article 8, UNCRC.


Protection of human rights and holder-centric ownership is the leading principle in our architecture, software, and actions.

We promote prosperity by enabling identity.

We save time and money for our stakeholders.

We generate revenues from monetizing transactions.

We are the highest in interoperability.

100 % free for the user: The design results in near to 0 of any currency transaction costs, the highest speed and performance.

We follow a marketplace- approach (holder + verifier) to solve chicken and egg by balance. We follow the management principle of crossing the chasm in order to support mass market adoption of high technology decentral ledger-based transactions.

We connect holder and verifier.


The next 5 big things in web3. NFT IDENTITY and more.
Podcast-Video, Blockchain Monday, 14.02.2022, Hanseatic Blockchain Institute on web3, Hamburg, Germany
Key differentiators and evolution of web1-web2-web3.
The next 5 big things in web3, NFT Identity and Properties, Layer Identity, DIDs and more.

Interview with IAMX -Self-Sovereign Identity SSI
Spicy Dumpling Show, Jan 2022

Presenting the IAMX Founders
In Good Fortune, Dec 2021

Mass market adoption of SSI and VC.
Panel Recordings from: Internet Identity Workshop 33, Oct 2021
The Internet Identity Workshop has been finding, probing and solving identity issues twice every year since 2005. IIW meets in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Every IIW moves topics, code and projects downfield. 500 people from any time-zone in the world, representing states, standardization organizations, ethical organizations, governance, technology, scientific research, applicable science.
Tim Heidfeld, Jochen Leinberger