1. Technical contribution

[enabling decentralized, asynchronous workflows and smart contracts, with verifiable credentials, that are trusted by the verifier]

a) Solves the last unsolved problem of the internet: identification and authentication.

b) Software: IAMX verifiable credentials (IVC) are like a Minecraft-building-block. IVC enable

  • – decentralized,
  • – asynchronous workflows
  • – and smart contracts (perfectly executed contract rights, fraud less)
  • – that are accepted by the verifier
  • – and owned and controlled by the holder
  • – meta, source, timestamp, certificate of authentication agent, certificate of issuer
  • – storage in any DID method supported (Ledger, Layer2, Peer, Static, Alternative)
  • – ZKP and GDPR-conform by design (proving without revealing, never storing the source, the verifier trusts the authentication agent); filed as intellectual property
  • – IVC are the foundational element of holder owned self-sovereign identity (SSI)

c) Hardware We have developed an interface to connect the real world with the decentral chain-world. This automatic machine converts plastic and paper such as personal ID, driver’s license, fishing diploma to digital verifiable credential, adding with the usage of the biometrical camera verifiable credentials for biometrics face, iris, fingerprints each stand alone and chained. Approved on FBI Appendix F Level. Owned by holder. Only issued by this authentication agent, if ID biometrics and camera biometrics match.

d) The used technology stack is: IAMX Allegra, Cardano Eco, Atala PRISM (decentralized identity solution built on the Cardano blockchain), Daedalus (open-source wallet for Cardano / ADA), Yoroi (light wallet for Cardano / ADA). We used Shopware (standard software e-Commerce) to onboard the first verifier.

e) Partnering Cardano Eco We do active partnering with other Cardano Eco based partners, such as Ardana. Here we put real estate as a collateral on the chain for the stable coin. We can also do this for getting a loan on this. This means we connect the real and the chain world with 1Click-Fulfillment.

2. Partner Contribution

We onboard 700 from the Fortune 1,000 companies, thereof 30 till 30.06.2022. This technical onboarding enables those partners to interact with smart contracts.